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Deborah Howard, RN, and her husband, Theron, live near Little Rock, Arkansas, where she divides her time between writing, editing, ghost-writing, lecturing and working as a nurse.  Though she has worked in various nursing fields, it was when she found hospice care that she discovered her nursing passion.  She views her work with hospice as a personal ministry.

Deborah is a versatile musician and an avid tennis player.  She enjoys music, art, reading, decorating, movies, word games, cooking and spending time with friends and family–especially her grandchildren!  She is a member of the Bible Church of Little Rock and treasures her time in the study of God’s word, both corporately and personally.

Deborah’s Profile

Where were you born? Little Rock, AR. Was raised here and have always lived in Arkansas.

Family? Mom and Dad live nearby. Husband, Theron. Two sons, Scott—married to Carrie with son, Xander, and Paul—married to Leslie with children, Haley and Brett. And one daughter, Sarah. I also have family I have sort of adopted over the years: My “kids,” Josh and Courtney and their son, Ezra, and my French “son,” Florent. My brother, Aaron—married to Mary with children, Joseph, Nalorie, and Izzy. My brother, John, died in 2006 at the age of 51—married to Regina with daughters, Laura and Rebekah, and granddaughter, Hadley.

Religious Background? Early childhood in the Methodist Church; in my teens moved into the Episcopal Church; early adulthood moved into the Baptist Church; 1986 moved to Reformed Baptist; member of the Bible Church of Little Rock since 1995.

When were you saved? When I was 15, my mom gave me a copy of The Cross and the Switchblade, by Rev. David Wilkerson. That was my first encounter with the plan of salvation, and when the gospel first became real to me. God used that book to draw me to Him, and I came to believe in Christ as my Lord and Savior.

What are your favorite interests/activities? I enjoy family time, reading, writing, music, tennis, word games, daily journaling to/with my BFF, cooking, movies, detective shows on TV—especially all the British ones, travel and, believe it or not, public speaking.

What is your favorite book of the Bible? The one I’m reading at the time. I seriously love the Bible.

Where is your favorite vacation destination? Anywhere on the beach. Being on a beach and watching the waves is a spiritual experience I never tire of. I’m filled with awe for God’s power and beauty and “bigness” when I look out over the water.

What is your dream vacation? That’s a tough one because I love everywhere I go. But I suppose my dream would be attending the four grand slam tennis tournaments someday—The Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, the French Open in Paris, France, Wimbledon in London, England, and the U. S. Open in New York, New York.

What books do you enjoy reading? Reading is one of my favorite activities and I enjoy an eclectic selection of writers/genres. I adore Agatha Christie and have one of her books going all the time. I love to read mysteries, love to research history (especially enjoy studying George Custer), and appreciate helpful Christian books and commentaries. I usually have multiple books going at any given time.

What music do you enjoy? You wouldn’t believe my Pandora stations. I have everything from Mozart to Sousa, Air Supply to Stevie Ray Vaughn, and current artists as well, from Neon Trees to Bruno Mars. Favorite male vocalists are Adam Lambert (think his voice is exquisite) and Tom Jones. Favorite female artist was, is and always will be Barbra Streisand. Favorite group is Chicago.



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