God, Be With Us

The issue of the Syrian migration has been in the news, as it should be. I’ve seen the faces of the babies crying, their concerned moms holding them close. I’ve heard nightmares of their plight as they’ve made their way into Europe. I’ve also heard the nightmares they leave in their path, as they invade country after country.

Maybe that’s why I dreamed about it the other night.  In my dream I answered the door (of course it was not this house, but still let’s go with it) and three Middle-Eastern men stood there with forlorn expressions on their faces. One of them said in broken English, “We are forever hungry. Can you help us?” Knowing I’d just cooked a full meal, I asked them to wait there. When I returned with a platter of food for them, I was surprised that instead of the three hungry men I’d seen earlier, there were now fifty or sixty. They grabbed the platter of food and angrily pushed past me into my house knocking down lamps, tearing up everything in their path, shouting, pushing, shoving, breaking everything. I woke up breathing hard in full panic mode.

Though I’m thankful that was just a dream, I know that, for some, it’s only too real. I’m torn thinking of the children, then afraid remembering how strong the crowd was, and how powerless I was to stop them from coming into my house.

I realized that my dream captured both my fear and my compassion. One of my more liberal friends was astonished when I told her I supported our governor’s decision not to bring refugees here to Arkansas. She tried to shame me a little saying, “You’re one of the most compassionate people I know. I can’t believe you’re taking this stand. What if people shared this attitude with the Jews when they tried to escape Nazi Germany? What about your obligation to do unto others as you would have done unto you?”

Honestly, I see this as very different, an unfair comparison.

Yes, it’s true I’m conflicted. My heart wants to help. But I do not want what has happened in Europe to happen here in the United States. And I think we’re at a watershed moment in our history when this is a real possibility. It is proven that ISIS has infiltrated the refugee hordes. And that’s a shame. The masses are a huge Trojan horse, and within its throngs are people dedicated to the annihilation of all people and cultures but its own. It is possible then that in bringing the masses to America, we pave the way for uprisings and terrorism here on our own soil on a scale we never thought possible.

Let me make this very clear. I hate no one. I believe people should be allowed to practice their religion as long as it does not oppress others. But I do not want to be overrun by those who refuse to allow us to live in our own country with faith in God and patriotism for this nation.

We don’t know God’s plan for our country, or our own lives. So I thank GOD that I can rest in His sovereignty, knowing nothing happens outside His perfect plan and His divine will. That’s the only thing that keeps me from despair.

We may lose the world as we know it.  We will never lose the God that we love.  And in the end, we will dwell with Him in peace for all eternity.  I don’t know of a more important time to dwell upon heavenly things than now.


  1. Rob

    Hi, friend! Miss you guys. I’m going to need some biblical arguments to get on board with your point of view. That’s the one thing, that’s most lacking from the anti immigrant side of the argument. That should raise some red flags. Love be you.

  2. Harold Goss

    I also am concerned . For 1400 + years Islam has been killing and forcing their way into other cultures ! They do not care about women or children , since they are property , they are only concerned with the Caliphate ! We were warned in the Old Testament about the children of Ishmael , but we have not listened . We have leaders who are only concerned with their position , not the protection of our freedoms . God help us all! Amen

  3. Deborah Harper

    Deborah, what a beautiful and thought-provoking post. It is indeed a problem for God-loving people who would normally do anything they could to help those in need. Sadly, our efforts have been compromised and now we must make difficult choices. I agree with you. Refusing the Syrian refugees entrance to the United States is, sadly, the only way to keep out the terrorists who hide in their throngs and would kill as many of us as they could and terrorize the rest of us. Thanks for saying what’s in the hearts of so many people.


  4. Jenny Carlisle

    Such a hard question. How to show compassion, as Jesus orders, without putting ourselves in danger. We must make a very careful, well thought out plan. Just like the gun control issue. There is no easy answer, but we must keep trying to figure it out.

  5. Rob

    Jesus never commanded us to keep ourselves safe. That is the antithesis of spreading the Gospel. He taught that the enemy would hate us, torture us and kill us; but go to him anyway. Seems that a lot of Christians have lost touch with the teachings of Jesus.

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