Help! I’m So Lonely

Loneliness_Front-Back_for-webIt’s finally released! And I’m thrilled.

Help! I’m So Lonely comes alongside those suffering from the pain of loneliness.  And there are all kinds of loneliness, aren’t there?  There’s the loneliness of a college student away from home for the first time in a sea of new faces.  When friends/loved ones move away, we feel lonely.  When we’re still single and it seems like all our friends are married, we feel a type of loneliness.  When the pet we’ve loved for almost twenty years dies, we grieve for them.  When we’re elderly and begin to lose friends/family who have shared life experiences with us, we feel lonely. (My grandmother told me this was the hardest part of getting old.)

For this book, I’ve chosen to focus primarily on the loneliness resulting from the loss of a spouse.  However, the suggestions, counsel and comfort found here will apply to any of the other forms of loneliness, as well.  I pray it may minister to the hurting and sorrowful, as well as offering ways to help our suffering friends and family.

Its beginning:  While visiting a friend in the hospital, he mentioned that he had a new book he wanted me to write.  “What about,” I asked.  Motioning me to come closer, he whispered, “Write about loneliness.”  Quick tears sprang to his eyes and his chin quivered just a little.  This was a strong man of God, yet when his wife died, he experienced heart-breaking loneliness like never before.  I wrote this book for him.  However, the Lord took him home before he had a chance to read it.  Still, the pain that motivated him to ask me to write it may serve to supply comfort and hope to many others battling the same anguish.  Some suffer in silence, others make their pain known to everyone who’ll listen.  Most of us fall somewhere in between.  I pray this book will bring comfort and hope, wherever you are in that spectrum of loneliness, depression or isolation.

This book is published by Shepherd Press.