Help! My Friend is Suicidal

Help! My Friend is Suicidal, by Bruce Ray

Deborah Howard


A friend’s recent suicide prompted my reading this book, by Withhold Not Correction’s Bruce Ray. What an excellent book he’s now written on this delicate and dangerous subject of suicide.

Sensitively written, this book delivers what it promises. “This booklet will address suicide prevention and intervention,” it says on page 7. And it does! It describes the warning signs which usually precede a suicide, as well as things to do and things not to do in our attempt to help.

This book debunks myths and misconceptions about suicide. It lists the most common reasons given for resorting to such a violent and misguided option, as well as addressing the only true reason—“There is ultimately only one reason why people commit suicide. Most of them have not lost their minds, but all of them have lost hope,” (pg 19).

It points the one who is losing hope to the only Source of true hope—Jesus Christ, and instructs us how we can possibly help when someone we love is suicidal, giving solid, concrete steps to consider. And Bruce Ray knows a thing or two about this. He has served as a police, fire and EMS chaplain for almost 25 years, and has been a pastor in Washington for 45 years. He uses some of his previous experiences to bring his points home in a realistic, factual way.

I encourage everyone to buy a copy of this book. I plan to purchase several to use as an important tool in my counseling toolbox. May God use this book as a means to save lives and renew them through the instruction it gives to those who want to help someone who sees no other way around their pain.

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