Help! Someone I Love Has Alzheimer’s

9781633420632One of my dearest friends, Judy Howe, wrote this book with me, which makes it special to me. Both of us have personal experience with dementia because her parents, and mine, are sufferers of this disease–to varying degrees. I have many years of nursing experience to draw from–especially as a hospice nurse.  But this has been a personal issue in my life as my father has been a sufferer (as the result of multiple brain surgeries) for the majority of his life.  My entire family–especially my mother–has watched as he’s slowly drifted away from us, loving and caring for him in the most respectful way we can. He is still alive and physical well, though his cognition continues its slow decline. He receives excellent care from a nearby nursing home. My mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and lives in an assisted living facility. Judy’s parents lived at home with her.  They died a few years apart, but under her (and her sister’s) watchful, loving care.

I’ve witnessed many family situations as they deal, up close and personal, with dementia. Some are better than others at finding ways to help their loved one walk this difficult path. I’ve never seen anyone do it with the patience, expertise, and consistent effort I observed in Judy as she ministered to both her parents. Because of this excellence, and her love for research, there was no one else I wanted to collaborate with for this topic.

Dementia can be one of the most frustrating, difficult, confusing conditions of all — not just for the sufferers but for those who love them! It requires exceeding patience and understanding. But it also helps to have practical, concrete suggestions for caring for someone who can no longer care for themselves. It is my prayer that this book will provide help and comfort to those struggling to provide such care.  Help! Someone I Love has Alzheimer’s is short but very sweet! It contains the kind of comfort only the Word of God can bring, as well as instructing about dementia as a disease and providing practical suggestions for how to make this experience more peaceful and less stressful–while maintaining your loved one’s dignity and safety.

Released originally in February 2012 by Day One Publishing, this is now available from Shepherd Press in the Lifeline Mini-Book Series.

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