Help! Someone I Love Has Cancer

9781633420120As originally published, this booklet is part of the Living in a Fallen World series.  The series focuses upon life crises and every one of them starts with “Help!”  This one is primarily for the family member of someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer. The patient may also benefit from it because it provides the basics needed to deal with this fearful diagnosis.  I have drawn its content from my over twenty years of nursing experience–especially the years spent in hospice work. My brother, John, died from cancer, as did my grandfather. So the content is not purely academic to me but personal.

Help! Someone I Love has Cancer is not a detailed textbook, but more like a primer–providing easy to understand facts about what cancer is and how it spreads, as well as treatment options (including hospice).  When diagnosed with cancer, patients and their families are thrown into a world with odd-sounding words and abbreviations and is sometimes like hearing a foreign language. This book helps define those terms to serve the patient/family better when they hear them in this new world in which they find themselves. It’s a practical book, serving to instruct and educate, but also to point readers to God, urging their focus to stay fixed upon Him as the true Source of every cure, every blessing.

This book comes alongside those who are hurting, afraid and confused, and helps them see that, even through the tough times, we can trust in the One Who cannot make mistakes.

This book was released in Fall 2010 by Day One Publishing and is now available from Shepherd Press.

View a media sheet that summarizes the key features of this mini-book here.