It’s Not Fair

Its_not_fairMy husband and I attended a lecture series given by our dear friend, Dr. Wayne Mack, about what he called, “The It’s Not Fair Syndrome.” I had just written Where is God in All of This? and found that the two of us were so much in synch on this material that we decided to collaborate on this book, It’s Not Fair!  I consider it an honor and a privilege to have worked with him on this important book.

It’s Not Fair! is designed to come alongside the sufferer who thinks he/she is not getting a fair shake from God.  There is usually an element of anger and/or bitterness for the person who falls prey to this kind of discouragement. That’s a painful place to be.

So what can we do to comfort these people?  A big, friendly, warm group hug?  No, that only feels good for as long as the hug lasts.  What actually meets people where they are and moves them beyond the pain into a greater spiritual maturity is meditating upon the attributes of God.  We must remember who we are and Who God is! I believe this book provides this kind of meaty reminder, which all of us, at one time or another, may need.

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, we can rise from our hopelessness by turning our tortured minds from our own misery to the utter faithfulness and reliability of God, as well as considering His attributes, and find our hope in HIM once more.

This book was released in October 2008 by P&R Publishing.