My lectures and presentations are an outreach of my personal ministry to comfort the hurting. I speak on a variety of topics, including,

  • Preparing for Approaching Death,
  • Where is God in All This?,
  • The Purposes of Suffering,
  • Comfort & Compassion,
  • Handling Adversity with a Godly Attitude,
  • Pushing Through Depression,
  • Dealing with Cancer/Alzheimer’s/Loneliness,
  • How to Mend a Broken Heart,
  • What Did I Do to Deserve This?,
  • Encouraging Words for Troubling Times,
  • Hospice–A Loving Approach to the End of Life,
  • Death: A Stepping Stone into Bliss
  • or any of the other topics covered in my books.


I use humor as much as possible to punctuate these heavy topics with hope and balance. Contact me if you believe your group or event could benefit from this lecture ministry.

You may contact me at: or write to me at 7306 Terry Lynn Drive, Benton, AR 72019. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@deblhoward) or on Facebook. I assure you I’ll read and consider every comment.

My books can be purchased at any major retail or online bookstore or Christian bookstore:, are just a couple.