Of Moose and Men

Do you love to laugh? Do you enjoy stories that take you on an adventure you can actually see while you’re reading? Do you relish those moments when God touches your heart with emotion?

My answer is a resounding, “Of course I do!”

If your answer is the same, then order a copy of Torry Martin’s new book, “Of Moose and Men.” Not only is it spewing-coffee-out-of-your-nose hilarious, but he finds a compelling (but subtle) way of turning that funny moment into a poignant one that surprises your heart (and tears) with the joy of the Lord. It takes powerful writing to do that.

And this book has some powerful writing!

I met Torry Martin at the South Carolina Christian Writer’s Conference recently. Since he was the keynote speaker I had the privilege of hearing him on two occasions, the blessing of sitting with him during a “lightning learning” session, and the joy of trading business cards with him during an impromptu chat. What he does with his writing, he does with his speaking. He can have you rolling with laughter one second and within a few well-placed sentences, there’s not a dry eye in the place. That’s talent.

He’s a Christian comedian, actor, playwright, producer, author and speaker. His theme is that if God can use him to reach people for Christ, He can use anyone. Torry doesn’t see himself as “one of the beautiful people.” He’s wrong, of course. His beauty comes from the joy and sweetness that emanates from within—from His devotion to the Lord and his . . . unusual way of looking at things.

You may not get to meet this man in person, but you can get to know him anyway by reading this book. I dare you to read even the first chapter without cracking up! This is a book you’ll enjoy reading. I know I did.


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