Where is God in All of This?

Where_is_God_In_all_thisPastors and counselors were using Chapter 6 of Sunsets (The Purposes of Suffering) to help in their counseling, but mentioned that it would be more convenient for use if it were in a stand-alone book.  In response to these requests, I rewrote the chapter and expanded the material to form Where is God in All of This?  It takes a theological look at some of the purposes of suffering.

The framework for the book is found in three parts.  Part One deals with the theology of suffering.  Part Two concerns seven purposes common to all suffering.  Regardless of the circumstances of personal suffering, a Christian will find elements of these every time.  Part Three describes six more purposes that may not occur with all types of suffering.  These purposes may be specific to some examples of suffering, but not all suffering in general.

The bottom line is this: God uses suffering to mold us into who He wants us to be.  It always has at least two outcomes — ultimate good for us and ultimate glory for Him.  Where is God in All of This? is designed to help those who find themselves asking this painful question.  I pray it will point you to the source of all comfort — the Lord Jesus Christ.

This book was released in April 2009 by P&R Publishing.