Writing Projects

What’s going on now?

Sometimes God changes our plans unexpectedly, doesn’t He?  My current project is not a book called, A Quiet Confidence.  AQC, as I call it, is now safely on a back burner. Other things have moved to the forefront.

One of those things is the fact that my agent retired. That led me to search for a new agent. I’m pleased to announce that I am now with the Steve Laube Agency.  My new agent is Bob Hostetler. My novel, As Snow Before a Summer Sun is being evaluated by a publisher right now. We’re waiting to hear if they will publish it or not. My hope is if they accept this one for publication, they will also publish the next two books in the series.

Now I’m engaged in a new project, not AQC, as I thought it would be. I am happy to report that I’ve recently finished a new book I’m calling, SALVATION: Reflections on God’s Saving Work. This has been a huge project, so I certainly ask for your prayers as I get it ready to send to my agent. At this point, the first big edit is completed. Now I have to incorporate the changes into the manuscript, insert the charts, and obtain some endorsement. Then it will be ready to send to Mr. Hostetler.

I struggled for some time with writing this book. This is, by far, the most theological book I’ve ever written.  And women writing theology is still not exactly in vogue. I let that dissuade me for years before I finally remembered that the success or failure of such a book does not ultimately depend on me. I call myself a Sovereignty-of-God-girl. If He is sovereign over all things–and He is–then He is sovereign over how this book will be received.  My job is to write it, prayerfully asking Him to superintend every word. I will trust Him with whatever happens once it leaves my computer.

I’ve shared before, I believe, that fiction just pours out of my mind and onto the screen. Yes, it’s work but not compared to writing nonfiction. When writing Christian nonfiction, every single word takes on such a heavy responsibility–writing an entire book where nothing can be misinterpreted, where the text is clear and concise, and where you apply sound biblical principles to everything you write. I might spend 30 minutes deciding whether “on” or “in” would be the right word. And this work is a departure from my ministry of comforting the hurting. Instead, it takes a good, long, hard look at the comparisons between the Doctrines of Grace and Arminianism, using scripture to make the case, so to speak. It seeks to illustrate the Doctrines of Grace through the roles of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the work of salvation:

  • Choosing by the Father
  • Redemption by the Son
  • Calling by the Spirit

I haven’t given myself a firm deadline yet, but I’m hoping I can get it done by January 31. I keep reminding myself that you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

In the meantime, my new agent will continue to look for the right publisher for my novel, the first in what I’m calling, The Cordelia Chronicles. Book one, As Snow Before a Summer Sun, is about Cordelia Lawson, the wife of a captain on a frontier fort in 1868. Drama and intrigue follow her wherever she goes as one of the only Indian sympathizers in a world with an unspoken policy of extermination. General George Custer is one of the primary characters in this historically accurate tale and adds his own brand of spice to the swirling plots as Cordelia makes her way through the foreign world of post Civil War military life, the traditions of the Cheyenne, and Cordelia’s own love story with her husband, Robert.

Book two of the series, Long Journey Home, picks up where the first novel ends.  It’s written but still needs a final tweaking.

Book three of the series, Coming Full Circle, is about 60% written. I need to finish writing it so that the editing process can begin.

I’m excited about the possibility of publishing this trilogy.  These characters are so alive to me and I feel an urgency to introduce them to others.  That’s why I’m praying that the Lord will lead Mr. Hostetler to the right publishing house, at the right time to publish the first one–in hopes that a 3-book deal might be possible. Until then, I’m content to wait for His perfect plan while I work on these other projects.

When I finish this series and the new SALVATION book, I do plan to complete AQC, as well as the other three or four projects rattling around in my brain and keeping me awake at night.

A Quiet Confidence is a book for Christians fighting their tendency to worry. It takes 12 of the most comforting passages in the Bible, and through them reminds people of the goodness of God, His faithfulness, His lovingkindness and His sovereignty over all things. This book is designed to serve the reader as a calming, soothing breath of fresh air, in which they find room to breathe again, unencumbered by the weight of sometimes paralyzing fear and worry.


Other Developments

I attended an excellent writers conference in Spartanburg, SC this year. God orchestrated the workshops I attended and I returned home greatly encouraged and motivated, remembering that I’m not writing to further my writing career, but to write for Him–to put in writing the message He has given me to proclaim.

A quick shout-out to Jim Holmes for his efforts to redesign my website and bring it into this decade.  Let me encourage you to reach out to him if you have similar needs.   www.greatwriting.org